Genscreen® specialises in providing genetic testing by DNA sequencing to help you make better life choices.

Our mission is to gather high quality and reliable genetic testing capabilities from around the world for consumers in Asia. Through the testing services provided, Genscreen® empowers individuals to take control of their health destiny for early detection and disease prevention.

At Genscreen®, we take extra measures when selecting our partners because we want to bring you high quality testing services. All our service providers were qualified after rigorous scrutiny into various aspects of their business including their technical capability, quality assurance system, financials, organisational structure, processes and performance.

While some of our genetic tests are available Direct-to-Consumer, most of our tests must be ordered by a healthcare provider.

Unique DNA

Every one of us is different. What sets us apart from the rest is our individual DNA. DNA is a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms. DNA is the main constituent of chromosomes, which carries our genetic information.

The complete set of DNA including all genes, is known as the genome. Hidden in the genome is vital information of our genetic composition. The human genome consists of more than 3 billion protein coding and noncoding DNA base pairs. The protein coding DNA, called exons (collectively known as the exome), are where most human genetic diseases and variations originate from.