Understanding our DNA through genetic testing helps us make better life choices.


Genetic insights by DNA sequencing helps us make informed life choices.

Unique DNA

Every one of us is different. What sets us apart from the rest is our individual DNA. It is the main component of chromosomes, which carries our genetic information.

Genetic Testing

Helps us make informed decisions to better manage our health. Genetic testing only needs to be done once in our lifetime as our genes do not change.

Quality & Reliability

Genscreen® brings genetic testing capabilities from qualified healthcare partners around the world to us in Asia.

Committed to Excellence

Revealing what lies within for disease prevention and early detection.

Genetic testing uses laboratory techniques to identify the presence of genetic diseases or gene mutations associated with an increased risk of developing certain medical conditions.

The results can help us take steps to delay, manage or even prevent the onset of disorders that we may be predisposed to.

About Genscreen®
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